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Company Profile


Company Name KAMUI CO.,LTD.
Date of Establishment May 27,1960
Description of Business Manufacture and Sales of Heat Exchanges
Main Business Activities Shell and tube type heat exchanger
Radiator-type heat exchanger(plate-fin type heat exchanger)
Plate type heat exchanger
Automatic temperature tuner using the immersion method
Capital Pain-in Capital ¥100 million
President   Mikio juman
Director   Yasunori Shida
Director   Eiji Yamada
Director   Kiyotaka Ootuka
Auditor   Mie Shibuya
Number of Empolysees 100名
Affiliated Firms Foshan-Kamui Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd.
Bankers Mizuho Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsumishi UFJ
Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank
Japan Finance Corporation; JFC
Central Bank for Commercial and Industrial Cooperative
Participating Member in: Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Japan Fluid Power Association
Ship-machinery Manufacturers' Association of Japan
Kanto Branch of Ship Manufacturers' Association of Japan
Heat Transfer Research,Inc.(H.T.R.I.), U.S.A

Head Office and Main Branches

Head Office No.29 Kowa Bldg. Annex, 2-11-24, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045  MAP TEL  +81-3-3549-0331
FAX  +81-3-3545-8500
Osaka Branch 2-2-18, Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0011  MAP TEL  +81-6-6543-0701
FAX  +81-6-6543-0277
Nagoya Branch 1-227 Nakahira, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, 468-0014 TEL  +81-52-217-9131
FAX  +81-52-217-9133
Chiba Factory 2232, Hirakawa-cho, Midori-ku, Chiba 266-0004  MAP TEL  +81-43-291-1811
FAX  +81-43-226-9100

From The Beginning

1960Showa35 May 27, Kamui Company Ltd. established with capital of \500,000
1961Showa36 Mar. Development of CAB-type(Combination Air Breather)
1962Showa37 May. Launched sales of SHC-type water-cooled oil cooler Oct. Capital increased to \2 million
1964Showa39 Oct. Osaka Branch Office established (Fukushima-ku, Osaka) 1965
1965Showa40 Mar. Launched sales of KNF-type suction strainer
1966Showa41 Mar. Development of AOC-type air-cooled oil cooler
1967Showa42 Mar. Kitasuna Factory begins operations (Kohtoh-ku, Tokyo)
1968Showa43 Dec. Nagoya Branch Office established (Minami-ku, Nagoya)
1969Showa44 Jan. Capital increased to \10 million
Feb. Participation in JETRO Melbourne Exhibition
1970Showa45 Mar .Launched sales of AOA-type air-cooled oil cooler
Oct. Participation in London International Exhibition and Chicago Fair
Oct. Capital increased to \20 millions
1971Showa46 Chiba FactoryMar. First-stage of Chiba Factory completed
Oct. Participation in Sydney・Melbourne Hydraulics and Pneumatics Fluid Power Fair
1972Showa47 May. Concluded sales tieup with compactor manufacturer American Baler Machine Co. of U.S.A.
Oct. Participation in Zurich International Exhibition
1974Showa49 Mar. Commences manufacture and sales of general heat exchanger units for chemical use
1975Showa50 Apr. Concluded technical sales agreement on oil filter with Arlon BV of the Netherlands
1976Showa51 Dec .Capital increased to \30 million
1977Showa52 Apr. Development of CAB-5DBII (Combination Air Breather)
1978Showa53 Jan. Development of EX-type water-cooled oil cooler
1980Showa55 Oct. Manufacturing approval of Pressure Vessel Class 1
1981Showa56 Mar. Development of LC-type (Low Fin Tube) water-cooled oil cooler
1983Showa58 Chiba FactoryJan. Second-stage of Chiba Factory completed
Oct. Recipient of award from the Inspector of Chiba Prefectural Labor
Standards Bureau during 34th National Labor Sanitation week
1984Showa59 May. Developed SL-type helical baffle oil cooler
1985Showa60 May. Capital increased to \50 million
May. Launched sales of SL-type oil cooler ・Awarded patent in Japan, the United States and Taiwan (R.O.C.)
1986Showa61 Mar. Established of Taiwan Kamui Corporation in Taichung-city
Oct. Taiwan Factory completed
Nov. Manufacturing commencement of Taiwan Factory Chiba Factory
1987Showa62 Nov. Participation in Chicago Exhibition
1988Showa63 Feb. Received the 1987 Japan Machinery Federation Award for the Most
Energy-Efficient System for SL-type oil cooler
1989Heisei1 Feb. Kamui U.S.A. Inc. established in Los Angeles, California
Feb. Concluded technical agreement on SL-type oil cooler with ARA S.A. of Spain
Dec. Capital increased to \100 million
1990Heisei2 Mar. Commences manufacture and sales of automatic oil temperature tuner
Mar. Third stage of Chiba Factory completed
Chiba Factory
1991Heisei3 Jun. Developed automatic temperature tuner using the immersion method
Feb. Installed welding robots and other new equipment in Chiba factory
1992Heisei4 Nov. Developed and launched sales of compact automatic temperature tuner
1993Heisei5 Aug. Established Foshan-Kamui Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.
(In Foshan City, Guandong Province, People’s Republic of China)
1995Heisei7 Mar. Completion of fluid bed heat exchanger
1997Heisei9 Dec. Registered ISO9001
1998Heisei10 Jun. Concluded sales & technical agreement on oil temperature tuner with habor precise industries Co.,Ltd.,Taiwan
1999Heisei11 Apr, Technological innovation project of promotion for specific topics
Development of technology for reduction of nox emission from diesel engine in the co-generation system.
Entrusted by Japan small and medium enterprise corporation
2000Heisei12 Dec. Approval of ”New project on management innovation" according to "The minor enterprises'management supporting act”
2001Heisei13 Apr. Taiwan Kamui Corporationas joint enterprise of habor precise moved to Tai-Ping City,
2002Heisei14 Aug. Completion of research, development and launched sales of MTOC (Magnetic device of fluid treatment)
2004Heisei16 Jun. Clesing of Taiwan Kamui Corporation
Jul. Foshan-Kamui Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd,
Capital increased to US$2.5 million
Nev. Chairman Hisao Shibuya is bestowed with The Order of the Rising Sun,
Gold Rays with Rosette for his long contributions to the fluid power industry.
Nov. Approval of "New project on management innovation" according to “The minor enterprises management supporting act” (2nd) 2005
2005Heisei17 Mar. Development of pulsating buffer unit and built-in check valve-type heat exchanger.
Jul. Application for international patents of the above units.
Jul. Completion of headquarters building of Foshan-Kamui Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. And commencement of operation. 2006
2006Heisei18 Nov. 4th-stage of Chiba Factory completed.
2007Heisei19 Feb. Publication of International Patent of New Development of Safety-Radiator.
2008Heisei20 Mar. Capital increased by Allocation of New Shares to a Third Party accepted by Tokyo
Small and Medium Business
Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
2010Heisei22 May. The 50th Anniversary of the Foundation.



Aug.Kamui Vietnam Co.,Ltd.established in Danang city,Vietnam.

Sep.ISO14001 certification obtained.


Feb.Relocated headquarters(Chuo-ku,Tokyo)

Mar.Started construction at Kamui Vietnam Co.,Ltd.


Sep.KAMUI VIETNAM CO,.LTD.Factory completed.

Nov.Relocated Nagoya Branch.(Tenpaku-ku,Nagoya)